We Supply Long, Polished & Sorted Rice In Large Quantities at Different Measures.

We collect pre-processed rice grains and put it through series of process like cleaning, sorting, and polishing, for your final supply or consumption.

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Otaksi Rice comes from the rice that has been pre-processed by small scale entrepreneurs, which is then accumulated in large quantity and put through extensive preocessing steps like cleaning-to remove the bad grains, sorting- to remove the broken grains, and polishing to futher clean the processed rice.

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Why Utilization of the Readily Available Agric Produce is Encouraged

Nigeria as one of the countries with the largest agricultural land in Africa, is blessed with so many agricultural produce/raw materials like cocoa, rubber, palm kernel, cassava, rice, wheat, cowpea, soyabean, cotton, sorghum, just to mention few.


Our Rice Qualities


The act of sourcing/growing those agricultural produce is rare, and can be practised by implementaion of Otaksi Connect's agenda.


If the Nigerians and Nigerian youth participate in this agenda, it would serve as a massive source of employment for them; as also speculated by the UN.


The collective participation of Nigerians in this approach will massively boost the Nigerian economy.

Main Objective of our
Deal in Agriculture

The problem that the company is aiming at solving include youth empowerment through skill acquisition, and to become an access point for foreign services rendering–including agricultural raw material importation and exportation.

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