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We deal in international business connections, securing admission in foreign universities and providing international health care connections. We are also advocates of youth empowerment through skill acquisition.

Why Choose Us

Otaksi Connect provide on-demand services that are rarely available to the reach of many, especially in the digitized form provided by Otaksi. These services are rendered in an efficient, reliable, and expertised manner.


Our company is established with the aim of offering you the most effective tools to save you time as well as help you to be more reactive, and proactive in your diversified approaches.


We involved our employees actively participating in the improvement process - offering High quality service according to the standard requirements for satisfying customers.


All services are provided by staff with sufficient qualification. Different years of experience staff has allowed us to excel in all domain.Delivering perfect servie is our concern.

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Our Services

We provide a wide range of services, that we believe can be of high value and significance to our people and thier acquaintances.

it services

IT Services & Consultancy

Otaksi Connect provides a wide range of IT services that include website design and development, UX/UI design, graphics design, digital marketing, and network installation/configuration services.

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International Admission Connections

Our international admission service can help undergraduate and post graduate student/candidates to secure admission into prestigous universities and colleges abroad.

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international admission
international business

International Business Connections

At Otaksi Connect, we offer international business connection opportunities, where whole salers in Nigeria can get to connect with manufacturers in abroad.

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International Health Care Connections

We partner with world class hospitals abroad in order to help patients from Nigeria and west Africa connect and get a qualitative medical treatment, at free cost.

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international health
imports and exports

Imports & Exports

It is also in the Otaksi’s agenda to promote importation and exportation, in order to utilise the available agricultural natural resources in Nigeria, and tighten the bilateral relationships with other nations.

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Youth Empowerment

As an advocacy of youth empowerment, Otaksi Connect is aiming at helping youth elevate their standard, through online courses on Otaki platform.

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youth empowerment

Our Achievements


International Manufacturers


Integrated Health Care


Accredited Universities


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Our Testimonials

What clients and customers are saying about us.

Omer Ahmad

I had the pleasure of working with OtakSi Connect Youth Empowerment Consultants and was thoroughly impressed with their level of expertise and dedication to empowering young people.

Hamida Binti Senirin

I recently used OtakSi Connect Clothing Consultants for some wardrobe styling and was very impressed with their services. Their team was very professional and knowledgeable.

Muhammad S. Rabiu

I Consult Otaksi Connect for IT services and was very impressed with their expertise and customer service. They were able to quickly identify and solve the technical issues I was experiencing.

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