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In order to solve the issues assscoiated with your needs of studying abraod, Otaksi connect affiliate with standardize and renown universities in the oversea, all of which guarantee qualitative eduacation and certification.

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Get Admitted with Over 40% Discount (Scholarship).

Our Admission search (university connection process) is a simplified, transparent process, that will allow accredited and standard universities, which Otaksi Connect have already established a partnership with, to register on our platform and connect with various prospective candidates and student, for the mutual. Students and candidates can enjoy a minimum of 40% discount on all tuition fees.


The Connection Process

The process involves four major steps that the candidate/student shall follow to avail the service. The step involves filling the required details and uploading necessary documents. The candidate can then be provided with a list of suitable universities, from which they can select from.

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